Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gluten Free Sighting Scoop: Yeah! Burger

Atlanta magazine’s Covered Dish blog recently posted details on Shaun Doty’s new project, Yeah! Burger. They noted the new restaurant will offer a gluten-free bun made by Dough Bakery. I really hope this happens. It would be absolutely wonderful to see a burger concept with a freshly made gluten-free bun.

Show your support by writing on Yeah!Burgers Facebook page at The more people asking for gluten-free options, the more likely it will happen.

If you have any insider scoop, please feel free to share!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vitamin Water Gluten Free

I've become a big fan of Vitaminwater. So when I noticed they recently changed the formula of some of their flavors, including the addition of the ingredient "modified food starch," I was nervous I might not be able to drink them anymore. 

Even though it is now required by the FDA for manufacturers to list any of the top eight allergens (wheat included) on the nutrient label, I wanted to make sure. So I emailed the company to confirm they were using a non-gluten based modified food starch. Here is the response I received from the company:

"All vitaminwater, smartwater and vitaminwater 10 products are gluten free. None of our products contain any of the FDA designated 'big eight' allergens."

So glad to hear it- Thanks Glaceau!