Monday, May 31, 2010

My Taco Addiction

I’ve had a long addition with tacos. From my early days of knowing only taco bell (how I loved it dearly) to growing up and finding that Mexican food fits perfectly into my diet and is filled with wonderful flavors. 

Growing up in Atlanta, I’ve developed a long list of my favorite (and not so favorite) Mexican places to dine at. So much so that I like to think that I have become a semi-connoisseur of pork carnitas tacos and guacamole.

So with that I give you round one of my taqueria reviews. I hope you enjoy it and expect lots more! 

Taqueria del Sol (TDS) is my favorite taqueria in Atlanta. I can’t say enough good things about this place. The food is amazing and the staff is always helpful with food intolerances, no matter which location. They don’t have a gluten free menu but the staff makes up for it in knowledge and understanding. While the tacos are offered with flour tortillas, they always have fresh and delicious corn tortillas on hand. The tortillas are practically perfect. They’re fluffy, warm and are slightly toasted on the onside to give them the perfect hold and texture. The pork tacos are a dream. In fact, I’ve never been able to order anything else. The pork is tender and juicy and paired with the right portion of onions and cilantro. (Since my GF findings blogger Gluten Free Musings received updated information that the pork is off limits). I like to order some guacamole and throw a dollop on top of the tacos. The bartenders are helpful with ordering a gluten free margarita and they always come out with a harmonious blend of tequila and sour mix.  

Don’t get discouraged by the serious wait lines, they always move fast and the food is worth it. You can always grab a seat at the bar too.

It seems Cinco has been around the outskirts of Atlanta for some time now but I’ve only recently become aware of them. In the New Year they opened a location in Vinings, making it the perfect place for my co-workers to take me for my birthday lunch (I’m lucky that my co-workers love Mexican food almost has much as I do).  The waiter greeted us promptly and said they would take care of us quickly since we were on our lunch break; which we all thoroughly appreciated since the past couple of restaurants in Vinings have been less than speedy.                      
The waiter noted that all the food is freshly prepared and served and he wasn’t wrong. The tacos al carbon were high quality and the guacamole had a great richness to it (you'll see the guacamole was my version of a birthday cake). Similar to Taqueria del Sol, they serve tacos on flour torillas as well but you can easily substitute for corn shells.

This is definitely a new place that has been added to my repertoire of restaurants.  

Update: As for my stance on tortilla chips fried in a conventional fryer with gluten products. I personally have never reacted from cross-contamination in a fryer and I consider myself extremely sensitive to small amounts of gluten. Also, coming from a restaurant based family I feel comfortable with how chips specifically hold up in a fryer. Since they aren't battered (like onion rings) I'm less concerned for the potential for gluten to stick to them. HOWEVER you should choose what is best for you which might include holding off on the chips if they are not fried separately. 


  1. This is great news about Taqueria del Sol! My husband loves that place but I've always been nervous to try it. Are all of the meat marinades GF? Can't wait to hear about Nuevo and Pure Taqueria too.

    Rosa Mexicana (Atlantic Station) is also great, but a little pricier. Their guac is amazing!

  2. I asked about the pork when I first went there and they said it was fine. I believe the steak is ok as well.

    Rose Mexicana is wonderful!

  3. I went to Taqueria del Sol for the first time today and LOVED it! However, they told me specifically that the pork carnitas were off limits because they use beer when cooking the meat. I was totally bummed because I love pork tacos too. I love the pork at El Taco and Pure Taqueria. So anyway, I settled for the Memphis and beef brisket...and the beef was amazing!

    What did they tell you about the chips? They told me they couldn't guarantee they were safe and not fried with anything breaded, so I didn't touch them, but I wanted to.