Monday, November 15, 2010

Nam Restaurant

UPDATE MAY 2011 - Nam has sadly closed. Hopefully they will re-open sometime in the future.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Vietnamese cuisine. It is a great cuisine for those gluten free and/or dairy free because a lot of the dishes are already gluten/dairy free or they can be easily adapted.

Nam restaurant in Midtown is an absolute treasure for those gluten free. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about their dishes and whether they are safe/can be modified.

Spring Rolls - The camera phone doesn't
do it justice
For appetizers I recommend the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. They’ll even make them vegetarian if you don’t want the shrimp and pork. The peanut dipping sauce has a bold flavor that pairs well with the freshly prepared rolls. The Rice Flour Tamale is also gluten free.

The Sour Green Mango Salad is gluten and dairy free and is fresh and crisp – the prefect palette cleanser in between courses.

Claypot Chicken - once again bad camera work

My absolute favorite dish (seriously it’s addicting) is the Claypot Chicken. The rich, caramelized chicken is drenched in a savory, piping hot chili sauce. Pair it with a glass of their Malbec and you’ll be in a happy-comatose state afterwards. 

The Banana Leaf Steamed Halibut, “Shaking” Filet Mignon, Lemongrass Chicken and Spicy Claypot Grouper are also favorites.

The best kept secret though is at lunchtime they serve Beef and Chicken Pho. If you’re in the area in the afternoon, their pho is an absolute must!