Monday, February 21, 2011


My roommates and I took advantage of one of the early spring Sundays recently and went to Kyma for their $7 Sundays (which has now been extended to everyday as “$7 on the Patio”). You can order off a large menu of $7 appetizers, $3.50 spreads and $5.50-7 grilled platters.

Kyma offers a vegetarian and vegan menu online which helped me to pre-select items that were dairy-free.  Once we were seated at the restaurant, the chef hand wrote which appetizers were gluten free.

The gluten free options  on the the $7 menu is impressive including all the spreads (no pita bread), romaine salad (no croutons), baby beets, shrimp “souvlaki”, giant beans (also called bean stew), calamari, cheese “saganaki,” tomato salad, eggplant stew, mussels, octopus, scallions, tuna, oysters, soup and all the fish and grilled platters.

After much debate I ordered the Skordalia “potato” spread, giant beans (bean stew), chilled green beans and the pork rib grilled platter.

At first I forgot to ask for veggies to dip in the potato spread but it was so good I ended up eating it all with a fork. The chilled beans, greens beans with dill and pickled onions, were heavenly – perfect for the newly warm day. I made a mental note to add these to my summer repertoire of party dishes. The Giant beans were my least favorite dish (it didn’t help they forgot to serve it at first). Listed on the menu as bean stew, giant beans with tomatoes, onion and dill, I was expecting a hearty, blended dish. However, the beans were served whole, swimming in tomato sauce. The beans were a bit too al dente for my taste but mashing them with a fork into the sauce improved the texture.

My favorite was the Pork Rib Grilled Platter. I would go back just to order a double platter for dinner. The three bone rib is a generous portion for the price, nicely spiced and had the perfect proportion of sear on top. The Greek Fries served with it (DF: order without the cheese) were delicious fried cakes of potato.

Note on the Grilled Platters: The Tzatziki sauce is served directly on the plate so if you’re dairy-free order it on the side or without.

The one downfall was the service which was very slow. However, I still strongly recommend eating here- just don’t try to dine before a show or party.

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