Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Breakfast Revelation - The Shed at Glenwood

I have a confession – on top of being gluten, dairy and soy free I also avoid other foods based on personal choice. The biggest one is fish and shellfish. Every time I eat it I get nauseated so I’ve avoided it for years (I only recently learned nausea is a sign of an allergy but I haven’t been tested yet). The second is eggs. I can’t stand the taste of them; even the smell is awful to me. I really wish I liked eggs. It would make things a lot easier, like breakfast for one. Years ago, I came to terms that eating breakfast or brunch in a restaurant meant I’d be having a side of bacon and potatoes. When it comes to breakfast there just aren’t many options once you get past the gluten, dairy and egg- laden dishes.

A couple months ago though I had a breakfast revelation thanks to The Shed at Glenwood. This East Atlanta restaurant is a diamond in rough with some unexpected dishes. In my first visit I ordered the lentil soup, bacon and roasted potatoes (the potatoes were a special order without butter). Soup for breakfast? I didn’t mind; I could eat soup any day of the year. On my second trip, I ordered the Chilaquiles, shredded chicken over corn tortillas drenched in a spicy tomato sauce. This dish had the perfect amount of spice to cure my post-Saturday evening headache.

The star of brunch though is their $9 bottomless mimosas. They use a good quality champagne, compared to most places, and they’re not stiff to pour you more. Just remember, in Georgia they can’t legally start pouring until noon.

For your gluten eating friends (and those who are normal and like eggs) the soft scrambled eggs, pork belly frittata and sliders are said to be stellar.

While they don’t offer a gluten free menu the staff is well educated on food allergies and the ingredients in each dish. Make sure to inform your waiter of your allergies and they’ll graciously help you pick out a safe dish.

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