Sunday, June 5, 2011

Southern BBQ - Gluten Free, Dairy Free Style

Sun tea, rose wine and the fixins'

GF, DF mac n' cheese with jalapeno corn bread crumbs, homemade baked beans and corn

Jalapeno corn muffins

antique sprinkler from my granddad

Homemade dairy free chocolate, chocolate chip and cardamom ice cream with GF, DF peanut butter chocolate chip cookie


  1. That looks amazing! What was the special occasion?

  2. This is actually what our Sunday family dinners generally look like! The ice cream was a special treat though - a surprise from my dad since we used to make ice cream together in the summers (in my pre-dairy free days)!

  3. I would love the recipe for the ice cream!!

  4. The ice cream recipe was thrown together but I'm working on getting the actual recipe written down. I'll make sure to get it to you.