Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Bocado – the burger I never had

I hate writing negative reviews. I like to think everyone is accommodating to those with Celiac disease and other dietary restrictions. Yet this wasn’t the case a few weeks ago.

I have heard Bocado was known for their food but not their service. Yet, I still wanted to try their reputable burger. One night after a social media event at 5 Seasons Brewing Company a group of us headed over for dinner. They happened to be closing the kitchen early but sat us anyway with the request to order very quickly. A pretty easy request since nearly all of us knew we wanted the burger.

When my turn came to order, I told the waiter my dietary restrictions, apologized for the last minute request and asked for the burger without the bun or cheese. The server immediately said I wouldn’t like it. I explained that that’s how I had been eating burgers for years and was sure I’d be happy with it. But still he said that it wouldn’t be good and then suggested I ordered something else. After a second explanation and a third no, I reluctantly ordered the roasted chicken*.

I was immediately annoyed about the denied burger. When eating a burger without the bun you quickly learn about the quality of meat and can easily tell a good burger from a bad one. Bocado, who prides themselves on their unique blend of short rib, beef brisket and organic ground beef, should have been happy to showcase the burger in its simplest form.

I emailed the owner and chef later that week to let them know what the waiter had said and provide them the opportunity to weigh in but neither responded. 

I know chefs can be particular about their food and how it’s presented but I find it sad that some of those are unwilling to compromise and use the opportunity to highlight ingredients in a different form. I wish I could tell you I had one of the best burgers in Atlanta but I can’t. I can only say I had an unmemorable chicken dish and poor service.

*I must note the chicken was extremely overcooked and I ended up just eating fries for my dinner. Once I told the server about the chicken (he hadn’t seemed to notice I barely ate it) they did comp the dish from my bill. It was the one smart thing they did all night. 


  1. Like you, I don't like writing a bad review. I so appreciate it though, when others let me know their experiences so I can choose wisely. Bummed about your burger but glad you shared your experience!

  2. Lindsey - I had the same experience right after they first opened. They ended up caving and brought me the burger, sans bun, but it really wasn't that great...if it makes you feel any better. I think that leaving a bad review is sometimes necessary...we, as a community, need to know the places that can't accommodate such a simple request.

  3. That's such a bummer! I almost went to Bocado the other night but now I'm glad I didn't.

  4. Best damn burger I've ever had.