Sunday, February 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sun in my Belly

East of Decatur, nearby the train tracks lay a row of restaurants including Wahoo! Grill, Radial Café, Fox Brothers and Sun in my Belly. Sun in my Belly sits at the corner of College Avenue and Murray Hill Avenue in an unassuming brick building. Walk in and you’re greeted by a deli set up in front of you, to your left you’ll find a small waiting area squared off with antique suede couches and an intimate dining area, and further on in the back room you’ll find warm wood all around and a giant bureau covered with candles. The tables are topped with hand painted mason jars and Tibetian-esque paper streamers hang from ceiling.

While there isn’t a plethora of gluten free and dairy free dishes, the ones on the menu are definitely worth it. The Antipasto Starter includes a selection of cured meats, organic salami from the local producer Patakmeats, lemon zested artichoke hearts, rosemary scented olives and a selection of cheeses with sliced baguette. The staff is very understanding of intolerances and allergies and will happily serve the cheese and bread on a separate plate if you have others dining with you.

The Hermes salad made of fresh arugula, roasted pears, champagne vinaigrette and blue cheese can be ordered without the blue cheese. Many of the other salads can be gluten free and dairy free as well. During dinner hours, you can order off the Supper Club menu. I appreciate how you have the option to order the full Supper Club dinner or order off the menu al a carte. I ordered a green chicken chili soup that was heart warmingly homemade.

Overall, Sun in my Belly is a great place to enjoy a cup of espresso or a light dinner. It’s a good place to have on your list for when you’re looking for a restaurant to appeal to a large group.

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  1. those are all west of decatur.....

  2. Replies
    1. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TERRIBLE RESTAURANT. I experienced some of the worst customer service of my life from the manager, Simone, who argued with me for ten minutes and then challenged to to contact the owners, stating she was sure they would take her side. Beware any place where the customer is always wrong.

    2. i ate here almost a year ago and the waitress seemed bothered i was GF, DF, and soy free… she was reluctant to check to see if i could eat the dishes on the main menu and told me to just order a la carte. i was really disappointed and frustrated. i took a gamble and ordered something off the menu - something like chipotle eggs benedict sans bread. it was incredible! i was lucky i didn't get sick, but oh my God, that is one of the best brunches i've ever had. i have never been back though...

  3. One of the best brunches in town! Food is excellent and the staff is very friendly. Their dinners are amazing too!

  4. While the US doesn't quite date back to caveman times, it's still got plenty of old Hurricane Grill Restaurant.

  5. Four of us had breakfast here Saturday. We arrived early, around 9:30, so being seated was no problem. Each breakfast item was delicious, my favorite being the pimento and bacon filled omelet. Service was prompt and friendly. We would come back to try more, including lunch and dinner.