Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celiac Eats is Back – Top 3: Westside

It’s good to be back from a lengthy hiatus after starting a new job and being diagnosed with histamine intolerance. Histamine intolerance is the lack of a particular enzyme to break down the histamine in foods. The buildup of histamine in the body causes a host of allergy-like symptoms. This added over 10 foods that I now have to manage to avoid on top of the gluten, dairy and soy free diet. So needless to say my restaurant dining decreased dramatically for awhile. But now that I've gotten a handle on managing my new diet, I’m back with the launch of a collection of my top three favorite restaurants by neighborhood; and to kick it off I’m starting with the Westside!

Miller Union
This is one of my favorites in all of Atlanta. Steven Satterfield and Neal McCarthy keep the focus on the farm – changing the menu frequently based on that week’s selection of crops. The great thing about true farm to table restaurants is that the chefs are always aware of which ingredients are in each dish. Every time I've dined there my waiter has been fully educated and works with the kitchen to ensure the best meal possible. Their wine menu has ample variety including the hard to find Albert Boxler Grand Cru Pinot Gris – Eat.Drink.Repeat’s Sarah-Ann Soffer’s favorite. I also love the bee hive collection in the back room and the unassuming yet well stocked bar.

Yeah! Burger
I’ve already written about Yeah! Burger but it’s still top of my list. You just can’t beat having a burger with a bun. My favorite addition to the menu is the crispy Brussels sprouts. They started these as a monthly special but luckily decided to keep them around. They are by far the best Brussels sprouts I've had in Atlanta. I've also finally ventured to try their salads which I never thought would be so good. The hydroponic lettuce is full of flavor and then tossed in house-made dressing. I go for the Lemon vinaigrette.

This paleo-focused restaurant, tucked away in a strip center off Huff Rd, is a hidden gem. I love going for brunch and order the vegan breakfast, a plate of roasted sweet potatoes, greens and a spicy pinto cake. If I’m more in the mood for lunch, I’ll get the bahn-mi style burger.